Xbox one s can’t redeem any code help me if you know

It’s seem that I can’t redeem any code on my Xbox one s so please if you know how to solve this till me
try first to add your payment card in your account you don’t add it from the first time you make the account if that didn’t work then the way i solve the problem was to make new accounts using my xbox one s do not use your pc or your mobile or xbox app just make new account from the xbox one s because it will select your region automatic i am new to xbox so it was ok with me to make new account and don’t care with first one but the problem now i can’t use the code Microsoft give to me for Digital download for gears of war 1,2,3 also if you wanna my advice buy your xbox life god from internet do not buy the hard card ? if you need any help wright to me i am becoming better to know xbox i am more professional with ps4 🙂