Xbox 360 – All in one Hacking Guide – All xboxes ( Xbox 360 E ) Flash JTAG RGH R-JTAG [HD]

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Hi, and welcome to my new video. I decided to release a xbox 360 hacking guide because many people are searching over the Forums , posting threads but cant find any way to hack their xbox.

Sorry microphone is a bit low, but i´ll get a new one soon.

But with this guide, you will be able to find the right way to hack your xbox 360.

It covers: JTAG RGH ( RGH1 and RGH2 ) R-JTAG Flashing the drive ODDE for all drives and Xboxes …..

Download PDF Guide:

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I hope this helps you all, i´ve put much work and effort in this guide.

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Thanks !