Xbox 360 Achievement Unlocker using Velocity [Xbox 360 USB Mods]

(To not get reset/temp suspended, only add 1 game MAX each day)
Best Step By Step Voice Tutorial on how to use the Xbox 360 Achievement Unlocker using Velocity.

Download Links:
Horizon (Not Needed):

Premade Offline Profile Made By AUSSIE G4M3R (Me) (You can go online with it but you may want to wait 2 weeks to see if it gets banned but it most likely won’t) “Achieves 4” Profile is the best for Joining Xbox Live with then the other “Achieves”.

My Google Drive Link for all my mods:

If you do this only add 1,000G to 3,000G a day or 1-2 games max a day to be safe!

Quick Text Steps:
1. Copy your profile to a USB.

2. Plug the USB in your computer. Open Velocity and open your profile by pressing Open ➜ Package, search the USB for the letter E and select the file starting with E0000 or E……. etc.

3. Press Open with Profile Editor.

4. Now you can start modifying your achievements.
(make sure you have at least launched a xbox 360 game with your profile before)

5. Once your done close the window and press the Rehash & Resign button to save the changes.

6. Plug the USB back into the Xbox 360 and sign in, when signed in just wait 10 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the amount of gamerscore it needs to sync to xbox live. (small amount is less than 10,000 G)
(You can check for your profile to check if the gamerscore has updated to the new number)
Once it’s done, refresh the dashboard by pressing the Guide Button ➜ Xbox Home.

Your achievements should now be saved and you can sign in on your Xbox One and it should sync almost instantly.

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Song used in video: DOCTOR VOX – Frontier

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