V Bucks Free – How To Get Free V Bucks – V Bucks Hack (PC/PS4/XBOX/iOS/Switch)

Hey guys, today I’m testing out another generator for v bucks free so we can buy the Love Ranger skin that is on the item store today. I showed you guys step by step tutorial on how to get free v bucks with this amazing v bucks generator that worked for me without problems.
After many fakes I decided to listen to my friend and test another v bucks hack but this one actually gave me enough v bucks to buy the skin in the item store so I can say that this test is a succeed and that now you can get your free v bucks if you follow all the steps from the video. This method works on PC, PS4, XBOX, iOS and Switch, so you should hurry up before it gets patched!

– More about V Bucks –

V-Bucks (short for VinderTech Bucks) are an in-game currency. This in-game currency can be spent in both the Battle Royale PvP mode and the Save the World PvE campaign and to purchase the Battle Pass; it can only be earned in-game through the Save the World campaign.

In Battle Royale players can purchase new customization items for their Heroes, glider, or pickaxe. In Save the World players can purchase Llama Pinata card packs that contain weapon, trap, and gadget schematics as well as new Heroes.
Note: Items do not transfer between the Battle Royale mode and the Save the World campaign.

– Don’t fall for V Bucks scams out there –

Those are all of the legitimate methods that are currently known for increasing your tally of V-Bucks. Anyone promising you a faster shortcut is trying to trick you into either passing over your account information, or simply farming your enthusiasm for clicks.

Epic Games recently announced that it was in the process of starting legal action against some of the more problematic sites, and if you have used one of them in the past then you are highly encouraged to update your password on a different device to the one you signed up with.
That concludes the second edition of our guide on how to get more V-Bucks for free in Fortnite: Battle Royale! If you know of any other methods, please let us know in the comments.

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