[Updated]Pokemon GO Windows HACK! Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile Download,Installation(PoGo1.0.25)

Pokemon is available for both the Android and iOS but as of now it i snot available for windows 10 mobile and windows phone. Even though there is no official announcement from Pokemon team for windows phone support, windows community has made a open source support for windows 10 mobile. In this video we will see how you can install unofficial pokemon go on windows platform.



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*** Trainer Account Creation ***

1. Create your Pokemon Trainer Club account online

2. Now, you can either login on a real Android or iOS device with this new account, or download Bluestacks, which will emulate Android on your PC.

3. If you logged-in on a real Android or iOS device, skip to the next section, otherwise, follow the next few steps for Bluestacks.
4. Install Bluestacks, then go to the Google Play Store and download Pokemon Go.
5. Sign-in to your Pokemon Trainer Club account on the app.
6. Logout.

*** Installing ***

1. Create three folder somewhere on your PC with name as “File 1”, “File 2”, “File 3”
2. Download these files:
File 1 :
File 2 :
File 3 :
3. Enable Device Portal on Windows 10 Mobile

4. On Device Portal, navigate to “Install App” and select the first file you downloaded from step #2
5. Now select “Add Dependency” twice and select File’s 2 and 3 respectively.
6. Find where it says “Deploy” then click “Go”. Wait until it says “Done”.
7. On Windows 10 Mobile, launch the app from the All Apps List.
8. Login with your Pokemon Trainer Club account.
9. Done!

1. Install on Device Memory
2. Make sure GPS turned On
3. Do not do mistakes in login


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