THIS IS (not) AN OUTRAGE | Mass Effect Xbox One Backward Compatibility Comparison


Just a quick comparison between the same segment of the game running on both Xbox One with BC and the original Xbox 360.

A few points:
-Some frequent stuttering points in the 360 version run perfectly smooth on X1, but not all
-Texture pop-in is vastly improved. While not perfect, there are many instances where it no longer happens at all
-Load times are shorter. In this video it was 4 seconds, but when replaying the same scene later, it was as low as 2
-Character lighting appears to be darker, except on their skin
-ME1’s somewhat clunky controls are less of an issue with the X1’s controller
-Some cutscenes appear to end slightly quicker, as a result of no momentary slowdowns when changing camera angles/animations/etc.

It’s hardly anything groundbreaking, but on paper it does run slightly better than on the 360.

…and yeah I spelt compatibility wrong. Oops D: