The Super Khiladi (Brindavanam)

The Story is about Krishna alias Krish who is the son of a multimillionaire in Hyderabad. He has a love interest in Indu, who has a friend Bhoomi. Bhoomi’s father Bhaanu Prasad wants to get her married to her cousin, who is a rowdy, which Bhoomi doesn’t like. Naturally, her paternal-grandfather Durga Prasad bluffs to the family that she has already fallen in love with a guy in the city. Indu helps her by renting Krish as her would-be, just to let her escape the wedding situation for the time being. Going to the village of her pretending lover, Krish learns through Bhoomi about everyone in her family. He realises that the people in her home are living as individuals. Krish changes the attitudes of Bhoomi’s uncles, who are lazy at home doing nothing, and successfully wins the heart of everyone in the family. Subsequently, Bhoomi’s grandfather reveals to Krish that everyone in the village thought that Bhaanu Prasad changed after his wife’s death and that he and his step-brother Shiva Prasad have been rivals for twenty-five years. Bhoomi’s grandfather, unable to lose his other son because of the enmity and rivalry caused by Bhaanu Prasad’s elder brother-in-law, resides in his place for six months. Learning about the reason of their separation, Krish attempts to reunite the brothers. Krish causes Bhaanu Prasad to reform, thus he successfully solves the rivalry between his brother and him. Impressed with Krish’s talent, Bhoomi’s dad accepts her love and declares them as would-be couple. It is revealed that Indu is daughter of Shiva Prasad; Indu and Bhoomi are in fact cousins. Indu lies to her relatives that her lover has cheated her and ran away, which provokes Shiva Prasad, who orders his men to find his parents, who think that their son is on a world tour. Krish sets up a fake father and mother before the truth is leaked, but unfortunately his parents arrive at the place. Krish tells his parents the truth about what really happened, and is forgiven. At last Bhoomi falls in love with Krish. Krish has a positive approach towards both girls. Shiva Prasad learns through Bhoomi’s rowdy cousin that it was Krish who ‘cheated’ Indu. Krish eventually gets beaten up very badly by Bhaanu Prasad and Shiva Prasad. Durga Prasad, knowing the truth, stops his sons from beating Krish before he dies. He reveals to everyone that Krish was sent by Indu to save Bhoomi’s life from getting ruined. He also reveals that his parents are multimillionaires and that he lied to everyone about Bhoomi loving a boy in the city. Bhoomi’s cousin attempts to kidnap her and take her away, not long before Krish chases after him and beats him up very badly. The relatives all end up at the temple deciding whether Bhoomi or Indu should marry Krish.