The West Hack Works | Free Download |

The West Hack Works | Free Download |


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Welcome to show you a 100% working hack browser game The West. For this hack you can recharge resources. Hack, you can download on my website to which we invite Game Description:
The setting is the Wild West game. The goal is to gain experience, which translates into levels. From the tenth level a player has a choice of four character classes: the workers, adventurer, soldier and adventurer. It can also remain a novice. The player can earn money (dollars) and gain experience by doing the work, tasks, taking part in duels or battles for the fort. For earned money you can buy equipment and weapons. The player’s task consists in carrying out such work, acquiring items and products, for winning duels with the NPC or the closure of a task or reading history. Tasks gets from customers — the bartender Henry Walker, Sheriff John Fitzburna, dancers Maria Waupeego Ronstadt and Indian and the fifth form (depending on class). In addition, some outsources are outside the saloon, on the map.

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