PUBG XBOX | NEW UPDATE! Live Stream. Xbox One S Gameplay. Free Taters

⚠️Warning: Pathetic Gameplay ⚠️ View with Caution and Sympathy


If I don’t respond to your chat, I am focusing. Forgive me, but I will respond when I die, or get a moment.

Road Map Talk:

Join me, as I play on the Xbox One S. Hopefully a bit of luck will be on our side.

Any Questions? ASK! We aren’t mean here. (I have trouble controlling my tone, so don’t take me TOO seriously, even if I do sound like an asshole)

Chat Rules: There are none. Respect and Self Control are the guidelines.

YET… How you act in chat will determine whether or not you will EVER be invited to play. So think before you type.

Specs: Xbox One S, Elgato HD 60 S, Sowtec HDMI Splitter (must have with the elgato, otherwise the tv signal is delayed), Blue Snowball Mic, WD My Passport External 512G SSD, and a partridge in a pear tree. BGOK!

New Patch Notes:

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