Ps4 Jailbreak | How To Get Free Playstation Plus

Ps4 Jailbreak & How To Get Free Playstation Plus

Learn How to Jailbreak ps4

Hello everyone,

With this Tutorial i will show you how to install the Ps4 Jailbreak and how to get free playstation plus

You can download the file here:

-What is a jailbreak?

Performing a jailbreak means you break through security, so you can install mods and play games for free

The term jailbreak literally stands for “breaking out of prison ‘. You can then choose which software you want to install on the ps4 without Sony being anle to determine what.

-Does this work on all models?

Yes it does! All firmware versions and models are jailbreakable with the jailbreak

-After this jailbreak, can I play games online ?

Yes, You can. The Firmware has already modified so that Sony can’t detect anything

-Can this hurt my ps4?

No, it only alters the firmware. So even if you don’t like the jailbreak you can just download the official firmware and your ps4 will be back to normal

Download here

● Disclaimer:

This jailbreak tutorial is for educational purposes only. I’m not fully responsible for any damage caused to your PS4 while following this guide. Those who follow the steps do so at their own risk. Do NOT use this for piracy, it’s illegal.