PS4 Jailbreak CFW using USB – How To Jailbreak PS4

PS4 Jailbreak 3.55 CFW using USB – How To Jailbreak PS4 3.55 CFW

Download Jailbreak File:

How to install the ps4 jailbreak:

1. Download the jailbreak file
2. Unzip the file with Winrar
3. Put the files on the root of an USB stick
4. Plug the USB in your playstation 4
5. Navigate to the Settings Tab
6. Choose System Update
7. Choose Update via Storage Media
8. It will say it found Version 4.40CFW
9. Click Ok and the install process will begin
10. Your Playstation will restart
11. Your Playstation is now Jailbroken!

Download Jailbreak File:

Note: You can jailbreak on all PS4 Models