PS4 Jailbreak (4.05) – Mods Info! +Download

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Video recorded by xAndrew2007x

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Debug Settings:

Permanently enable web browser

1. Download all these files
2. Turn your playstation 4 on
3. Go to Payload sender (the rar)
PS4 Payload Sender
PS4 Payload Sender.exe
4. Go on your playstation 4 and get your IP (network setting-view internet connection)
5. Remember it (or have it available for the next step)
6. Go your browser and type or find a way to go to this site
(recommended for the first time users, put it on twitter or a social media you can easily access) (also it DOESNT need to be this link, just any link that takes you to a webkit page
7. Put your IP in the payload sender
8. For the port put 9020
9 .Put debug settings in the same folder (or somewhere you’ll remember)
10. Connect
11. Browse payload
12. Find debug settings
13. Send payload
Congrats now your playstation 4 should have debug settings and be jailbroken until you restart (ONLY 4.05)

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