My Xbox One Keeps Signing Me Out!

My Xbox One keeps signing me out. What can I do?

It wants you to give it a rest.


Check your router and make sure it has the bandwidth to handle the gaming. Verify the router’s uptime to make sure it is not dropping or cycling instead, or try a different router.

I’d try a different router, if I had a different router.

Make sure the internet service provider is not throttling your connection because it takes up too much bandwidth. Check the router settings; resetting it may fix the problem.

And that’s not where the failure is. The issue is my Xbox One signing in, not connections except when it times out sometimes.

The problem may be the local profile. If it is out of date, Xbox may be logging you out.

I’ve heard that updating the financial information and saving it fixes stuff.

Of course money solves problems. Try cleaning up the system first like clearing the system cache.

How do I do that?

Go to settings, system settings, storage or memory and clear system cache. After you delete the system cache files, confirm storage device maintenance and move on to deleting your profile.

What if I have trouble signing in at that point?

Then do not delete your profile because you cannot recreate it, and call Xbox support instead.

I wonder if I should call Xbox support in the first place.

If Xbox support can fix the account, then sign in, delete the old profile and download the profile from the cloud. If it asks if you want to save your password, say yes if it is your machine and no if it is someone else’s.

If you’re logged in on someone else’s machine, that could explain why you can’t log in by default, whether it has saved their password or user ID.

If you are using an Xbox Live child account, the adult’s Windows Live ID and adult’s password is required to download the profile.

So if I’m signed up as a child account, problems with the adult’s account could cause it to keep signing me out.

After doing all that, sign in and try to access it again, assuming your child account is not turned off.

While I’m regularly called childish, I do not have a child account unless someone is trying to mother me.

There’s always the possibility you can’t log in because there is a problem with the Xbox servers.

Serves me right for buying an Xbox.

Verify the login information and so forth before you call tech support, so you know if it is your account or their servers.