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Intuitive MindGenius features allow you to brainstorm your thoughts and ideas and capture information quickly. Bring your map to life with images, colours and styles. Effectively organise your map with new MindGenius 2018 features.
ndGenius provides a complete solution for Project management from idea to delivery through the use of Mind Mapping, Task Cards and Gantt Charts with Dynamic Views. With MindGenius what begins as a brainstorm can be transformed into a complete project plan.
MindGenius mind mapping software is a brainstorming and planning tool that will improve your personal and business … MindGenius Version 6.
Basic navigation and ribbon settings on using MindGenius.
Whether you use mind mapping for studying, note taking or planning, MindGenius can bring your information to life. Find out how to express and structure your ideas visually with MindGenius 2018 to enhance your understanding of any topic.
MindGenius 2018 Business – If you are a business manager who wants to increase your own and your employees’ productivity, you may benefit from a tool like MindGenius Business. It can help you create mind maps, brainstorm ideas, create presentations, manage tasks and projects
Create detailed mind maps
• The application enables you to create original maps, but also offers numerous templates, organized in relevant categories, that are best suited for certain tasks.
• You can modify the map layout to better display the necessary information, and there are multiple layouts to choose from: diagram, output or input tree, outline, affinity, organogram and funnel.
• You can expand and contract various branches and assign multiple types of information to each of them. The program allows you to insert notes, attach files, add hyperlinks, images or even link a branch to another map.
• MindGenius Business includes a built-in map explorer, that you can use to view the project in an expandable tree view that allows you to quickly navigate between various map levels.

Assign tasks and resources to various branches
• Various tasks can be assigned to particular branches, to help you manage activities that need to be performed, and every branch can be allocated certain resources. You can specify a task’s start and due dates, priority, status, duration and cost.
• The information can be viewed as a resource map, that offers a detailed representation of the tasks and resources assigned to various branches.

Create presentations
• MindGenius Business allows you to design interactive presentations that are automatically updated when data in the associated map is modified.
• You can play the resulting file within the program and it offers an interesting feature that allows you to edit sections from your map while a presentation is taking place.
• The created presentation can also be exported to PDF or PPT, so that it can be viewed in Microsoft Powerpoint.
• Overall, MindGenius Business is a comprehensive and intuitive application aimed at business owners who want to increase their company’s productivity by creating mind maps, organizing projects and sharing information efficiently.