Might and Magic Heroes 6 (VI) Full Version Download Free For PC

Might and Magic Heroes 6 (VI) Full Version Download Free For PC

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Might and Magic Heroes VI (c) UbiSoft

Release Date :12-10-2011
Protection : UbiSoft DRM
Game Type : RPG
Disk(s) : 1 DVD


Might & Magic Heroes VI will take place in 564 YSD, roughly some 400
years before Might & Magic Heroes V, at the time of the second Blood
Moon Eclipse, and the Rise of Kha Beleth, the Demon Sovereign.
A legendary Archangel General, killed during the war of the Elder
races, is resurrected. Under the cover of preparations for the upcoming
Demon invasion, he plots to recover his powers and take control of
Ashan while eradicating his ancient enemies. He underestimates,
however, the power of the all-too-human Griffin dynasty…

Heroes VI tells the story of the Griffin dynasty, when they were still
Dukes of the Holy Empire, and not yet sitting on the Imperial throne
(like in Heroes 5 and Clash of Heroes). The Griffin Duchy is east of
the Empire, a region that would correspond to the Slavic nations in our
own world.

At the dynastys origins, The Griffin Duke Pavel was a zealous servant
of the Light and a trusted lieutenant of the Falcon Emperor. He met his
demise defending his own duchy from a Demon host summoned by the dying
wish of a desperate enemy. Pavel’s heroic last stand would ensure the
survival of his son, Slava, who was only a boy at the time of these

Pavel’s sister Sveltana, who had left her homeland to become a
prominent Necromancer in the Seven Cities, was called back to act as
regent to Slava and educate him in the ways of the Griffin.

Fifteen years and a war have past. Duke Slava of Griffin is now the
father of five promising children. These are the main Heroes of the
Heroes 6 campaign, and they will lead different factions to battle.


2. Mount or burn image
3. Install
4. Copy everything from the SKIDROW folder to the game installation
5. Play the game