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Don’t Make These Mistakes with Your Green Marketing

There are a number of common mistakes new green marketers make that can cost you big time if you aren’t careful. Some are totally inadvertent. Others are deliberate, and can ruin your brand’s reputation if you get caught.

1. Not knowing your niche

The green marketing niche is booming, so it is easy to get carried away with the idea of jumping on the bandwagon in order to ride along the trail to profits. However, it is important to know your market, and make sure that your messaging is on point.

About 20% of US consumers are considered to be “true green” – that is, very keen and knowledgeable about the issue, so you need to win them over if you are going to succeed in tapping into the entire 90% of the population who has expressed some interest in buying green products.

2. Not thinking through the full implications

Your product needs to pass the test with True Greens if you wish to establish a good reputation as a green marketer offering eco-friendly products and services. You also need to demonstrate a green ethos in your company to prove that you are not just paying lip service to green values.

Some companies have been caught out when extreme greens dig through their trash to find out just how much recycling they are really doing, or investigate the origins of their raw materials to determine whether or not it is green and fair trade so that no one is exploited.

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