How to Redeem Xbox Gift Card on Xbox Console – Xbox One and Xbox One S with Xbox Live

Send an Xbox gift card code directly from Amazon:
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If this is the first time you’ve received an Xbox gift card, you might be wondering how to redeem the code to buy stuff. The value of the card is good for games, movies, music and more on your Xbox and Windows computers. In fact there’s no difference between an Xbox and Windows gift card and they come in different denominations.

To use your gift card, scrape off the seal covering a 25 digit code. Now on your Xbox navigate to the Store and then click down to about the middle of the screen where it says “Use A Code”. Click A to continue. Now you will have to sign in to the Xbox account that will be using the gift card. Now click on Enter Code or use your Kinect camera to scan in a QR code on the gift card. Now just simply type in your 25 digit Xbox code.

When you’re done there will be confirmation that the code was redeemed successfully. Now you can navigate to the store, find games, movies or music and buy them right from your Xbox.

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