How To Record Gameplay On Xbox One Free and Upload to Youtube

How to record on Xbox One. For free & how to upload gameplay to youtube using upload studio! We have your solution here with a complete guide on how to upload gameplay right from xbox one!

This is a long and comprehensive video that goes step by step, but if you would like to learn how to upload gameplay to youtube you can skip to this video segment:

So how do you record on the xbox one ? Should you use Upload Studio and record your videos without a capture card, or maybe go the Review Dork route and get an elgato hd capture card ?

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We have a video showcasing the elgatdo hd60s :

Buy The Elgato HD60S


Well fellow reviewdork C4destroyer, shows you how you can start your video game channel on youtube with XBOX One’s DVR feature!

So if you are ever stuck and trying to figure out how to record on your xbox one for free, this video will show you exactly how to do that from A to Z

When we first started this Youtube channel we looked at the many solutions on how to record on xbox one for youtube, we really wish now that we went this route !

What we learned however are the limitations of upload studio as you are only allowed to put together videos with 30 minute limits and or up to 15 transitions – the other limitations of upload studio is that you can’t record your own voice if recording party chat dialogue.

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