How to jailbreak PS4: 5.05 Kernel Exploit Guide

In this video I show how to run the latest kernel exploit on a Playstation 4 console running firmware version 5.05
Having the ability to run a Kernel exploit on our PS4 systems is nice because it allows our device to run PS4 homebrew, as well as gives us the option of backing up our games, and playing PS2 and PS4 game backups.

Your PS4 will need to be on firmware version 5.05 or below to access this latest kernel exploit. If your PS4 has already installed firmware updates above this, you may want to consider selling your existing PS4 unit and replacing it with one running 5.05 or lower.
I have a video showing how you can find a PS4 running 5.05 firmware or lower here:

I’ll be sure to upload many more PS4 videos, showing off other payloads and features we can unlock on our systems thanks to homebrew. So stay tuned if you’re interested in the Playstation 4

Credits for todays video go out to:
SpecterDev, Al-Azif, qwertyoruipz, flatz, xvortex & the OpenOrbis team.

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