How To Jailbreak PS4 2.0 CFW | Video Tutorial | HD | PS4 Jailbreak

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1) Download the PS4 Jailbreak of the Latest 2.03 Firmware

2) Extract it In Pendrive.But First Create A Folder “PS4” Then Create A Folder “UPDATE” And Then Put The Pup File In Update Folder.

3)Turn on your PS4 console and input a USB stick or disc where you installed the jailbreak tool.

4)Now Go to Settings menu, System Information menu. Now select ‘Update via Storage media’, select the path, accept the terms and then run ‘Install Update’.

5) Wait till it finished and it’s time to reboot your console

Note:You’ll Not Get The Game In Websites E.G U Utorrent.
Go To PS Store From Your PS4 Console And From There Try To Download Any Paid Game.You’ll Notice It’ll Not Ask You For A Credit Card,Debit Card Or Something Else.It’ll Just Simply Download.

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