How to install the CCcam on the OpenATV (E2) (the easy way)

How to:

1. Download the softcam (here we use the CCcam 2.2.1) you want to install:
2. Copy the file softcam to the ‘tmp’ folder on your sat box;
2. Then go to ipk installer (from the tv screen, press blue button, then choose ‘plugins’ and the choose ‘ipk Installer’;
4. Then select memory /tmp then ‘install extensions’ by moving over it to highlight it and pressing ok to select it;
5. Now press the green button to install it;
3. Once installed, exit out back to the tv screen (normal screen) and press the green button and then the green button again;
4. Now you should have a softcam entry in the downloaded plugins;
8. Select ‘Softcams’ and select the softcam that you want to activate;
9. Set up your cline/nline etc and all should work.


Music: Joakin Karud.