How to Download Windows 10 iso Official 2018

Download Windows 10 iso
How To Download windows 10 iso

Here is the steps to download windows 10 iso or any other windows version

1. First Download and install Mozilla Firefox
2. Open Mozilla and search on google for “User-Agent Switcher Mozilla Addon”
3. Click the addon that i clicked in the video
4. Click the install button after download complete click the add button
5. Go to the right of mozilla and click on the installed addon, then select “Android Phone / Chrome 63” from the list
6. Open a new tab and google “Windows 10 iso download ”
7. Then click on the first link says “Download Windows 10 Disk Image (ISO FILE ) – Microsoft”
8. After this click on “Select Edition” dropdown listes select windows 10 then click confirm
9. Wait and click on “Choose one” and select your language
10. then click on 32-Bit download or 64-Bit download according to your CPU

* Note:
The link is only available for only 24 hours from the time its created