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How To Download GTA 5 on iOS/Android – GTA 5 Mobile APK

Hey today I show how to download gta 5 mobile on ios and android for free! It’s very easy and works on all versions and devices! Do what I did in the vid above and you’ll begin to download gta 5 mobile apk! I’m pretty happy at how easy this, usually its a real pain working with an iphone. By far this is the best method to get gta v mobile downloaded especially a stable working file! This should be good all 2019 as well!

A brief summary about the process: Go to the site I mentioned and click install at the GTA V logo. From there just click get started and it will take you to the injection wizard. Make sure when you do it you follow each app’s instructions, if the game doesn’t show up within 5 minutes of doing it, start over!

GTA 5 is an incredible game but is very tough to get on mobile devices. This is mainly due to it’s crazy sophistication and unusually large size. It’s hard to port it to smaller less powerful devices. Thankfully this release works well on EVERY device due to its scaling scripts!

Anyways, check out my channel for more cool tweaks!

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