How to download AMI DuOS full version for free on pc [Lollipop Version] [LEGALLY]

Note:- I have added the download links for the latest amiduos version (2.0.6) also. ( i will upload 2.0.7 soon)
If you get an error cannot find virtual machine , close duos and run it again

if you get a blank screen after opening duos just wait for 1-2 minutes and it will boot on it’s own. If this doesn’t work,
you can try disabling Hyper-V in your computer/laptop.

Links for zip files :

For 64-Bit Computers/Laptops

New amiduos version ( i will upload the setup and for x32 bit after ami releases the 32 bit version of the new version of amiduos.)



Older Versions

Setup (64-Bit) :

(64-Bit) :

For 32-Bit Computers/Laptops

Setup (32-Bit) :

(32-Bit) :

For Both 32-bit And 64-Bit Computers/Laptops

Google Apps: (This version of google apps can be used with the old version of amiduos also.)
Google Apps :

Note:- All of the links are same because i have provided the links to the post of AMI Duos which is on my blog.

Direct Links –
Google Apps –
(g apps works for both x64 and x32)
Setup (x64) –
Setup (x32) –
Crack (x64) –
Crack (x32) –

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