How to Add XTV IPTV UPDATED!!. SImply the BEST FREE IPTV EVER on Roku!!!!

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To get access to this channel, you can get the dns on this link.

On this video we show you another great channel available on Roku. We are talking about XTV IPTV which you can add via your roku account as a private channel. The access code is XTVIPTV This channel offers lots of content such as sports, cable channels, international channels, news, cartoons and even movies, for free!!! Plus channels from the USA, UK, Canada, International and even Spanish speaking and latin channels. Yes the channel is free but it is greatly appreciated if you could make a one time donation of whatever value you deem fit in order to keep this great channel for free.
In order to view the channel you will need our DNS since most of the content is geoblokced for streaming out of the authorized regions.

Don’t forget that in order to add XTV IPTV, you will need to have a fully activated Roku account of your own. If you do not have such, check out our activation guide in order to create one. (use the translate button if neccessary). The guide is available on this link:

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