HackGamingIGN Terraria World Showcase Xbox 360 | 1.2.3 WORK IN PROGRESS

Welcome to HackGamingIGN’s Terraria World! The world start off as a huge chest world then goes onto his houses where he homes many of his NPC’s, teleporters around the map, pixel arts and more. Want to join or interested in playing with them on Terraria? Drop HackGamingIGN a message please don’t spam 🙂 Check out his YouTube too! My GT: a1frostbite0001 (AKA Luke Games) SHOW MORE for more info…

Thanks again HackGamingIGN for letting me on your Terraria 1.2.3 world! More How to’s, Let’s plays and episodes of all different games soon! My new Terraria series has now started! Be active of my channel and have your chance to join the Let’s build! GOOD LUCK! Hope you enjoyed! #StayFrosty

Note: I DO NOT host my world any more, Comments regarding me hosting will be deleted and permanently removed. I do giveaways now so PLEASE check this video on why i do giveaways rather than hosting:

Xbox One World Showcases coming VERY soon! Need items? i might be able to help, i am on 7-9pm UK time Monday to Friday giving out free Terraria items on Xbox 360 (in the future will do Xbox One too). On weekends i am on 3-5pm UK time giving out items, i also live stream to YouTube 3pm UK time on Saturday. Please check a timezone converter for any other time zones. GT: a1frostbite0001
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Have twitter? on the end of your tweets put #Frostarmy. Xbox 360 map with many more showcases to come soon! Message HackGamingIGN to join please don’t spam! Xbox 360 map.