Gaia GPS – Download Maps for Offline Use (iOS)

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Heading into the backcountry or simply wanting to conserve your battery on your hike? No problem, download an offline map for the area and utilize Gaia GPS’s ability to navigate offline.

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Download Maps for Offline Use on iOS:

You can download maps with Gaia GPS and take them where ever the trail may bring you.

Find the area you would like to download and tap the Layers icon to choose a map source. Then, tap the Create icon and select Download Maps.

To adjust the download area, tap and drag the blue dots. Use the slide bar at the top of the screen to adjust the Max Zoom. The higher the Max Zoom the more detail your map will have. The app defaults to a max zoom that works well for each map source.

When you have finished selecting the download area, tap Save and add a name for your map or use the name automatically generated by the app.

A spinning icon will then appear in the top left to indicate a download is in progress. You can tap this icon to view the status of your map downloads. You will need to be connected to Wifi or be in service in order to complete the download.

To view your saved maps, tap the Saved Folder then the filter icon on the top left of the screen and select Maps. Select a map download to view more information about it. Tap Edit or the map preview and you will have the option to Show on Main Map or Delete. Tap Show on Main Map to center the Main Map on the downloaded area.

You can download multiple maps to cover a large area. Tap the Create icon, then Download Maps and areas already downloaded will be shaded in light red. Adjust the new download area and tap Save when you are ready.

If your download areas overlap, Gaia GPS will not download duplicate tiles.

Once your downloads are complete, you will be able to view maps offline and out of service.

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