FREE IPTV Stalker Killer for Kodi

FREE IPTV Stalker Killer for Kodi!

Get this link and add it to the TV section:

Almost every channel is in HD 720p which is amazing and some of the channels did lag a little but it was a minimal lag.

Like the title says, this is an IPTV Stalker killer! FREE as in nada, nothing, zilch. Get it while it works and it works great.

Go to System / Live Tv and make sure you enabled it.
Once you do that, it will tell you that you need a PVR. Press OK and get PVR IPTV Simple Client.

Once enabled, click it again to go into the Configure section and in Location select Remote PAtch ( Internet address )

Then enter the link above in the M3U Play List URL:

Press Ok.

Now let’s add it to the main menu.
Go to System / Skin Settings / Setup the Aeo Nox home menu /

Select whichever section you want and go to Default select action.
Choose Live TV and Channels, click OK

Rename it in Edit Label from channels to Tv or Live Tv and press Done.

Back out to the homepage and live Tv will be there ready for you.

If you want to launch the channels in full screen then follow the these steps.

Go to System / Live Tv / Playback and make sure that Start playback minimised is unchecked.

That’s it! go ahead an enjoy it while it lasts.

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Thank you, you guys are awesome!