Fallout 4: How to get UNLIMITED Caps Glitch WORKING (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC) Infinite Money Exploit

Infinite Money Exploit in Fallout 4, TUTORIAL. (READ DESCRIPTION: How to Remove Patches)

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How to Delete A Patch: (Please make a copy of your saved game, just in case, in any event this method should not delete your saved files, just your auto saves).

PS4: Go to settings, system storage management, application saved data, opinions on the menu button then delete the game. Reinstall it (make sure you are offline or it will re-patch. You can also disable auto update if you wish.

Xbox One: Press xbox button, press right trigger go to my games and apps, select what you want to uninstall, press the menu button, select manage app or manage games, highlight the game you want to uninstall, press menu button again, uninstall it. (back up your saves just in case). Be sure to go offline and reject any patches after reinstall.

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