[Exploit Series] [Free] Dominant Cloud [Jailbreak & Other Games]

If you’re under the age of 18, the music in this video may contain disrespectful language. Watch at your own risk.

Hey, guys. I’ve been having a lot of you asking if my content is going to be Child Friendly from now on. The answer is, no. I don’t find enjoyment in releasing content that doesn’t show my true self. I want to be real with all of you guys, not fake. I’m unable to create child friendly content on this channel without being someone that I’m not.

You know, I hope you guys can understand that I want to create videos the way I like. I’ve been creating videos on YouTube for a few years now and I personally don’t like having to stay away from bad language. If I say a few bad words here and there, it’s considered not child friendly. I can’t help myself but to say a couple bad words while I’m talking in a video.

As some of you guys requested, I’m going to be doing some more vlog-type content. Showing you guys how I develop exploits, what I do on a normal day and much more! It seems like some of you guys enjoyed my last video and I want to do stuff that’s fun for me and fun for all of you. But don’t worry, I won’t be quitting releasing exploits. Furthermore, you can get the download below.

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