Empire Earth | dreXmod 1.03 patch Download | Zoom & Scenario Hosting

NEW VERSION 2.0 available here

dreXmod 1.03 download :

Empire Earth:
NeoEE patch:

Special thanks to beta testers:
– Arntzen
– Baboo
– Dragon Born
– Jodocus
– Noob King
– Pif

dreXmod patch version 1.03

1 – Windows XP and above (Vista, 7, 8, 10)
2 – dreXmod required Empire Earth 1 Classic Version (EEC) works only with NeoEE Patch ( , It does not works on Art Of Conquest Extension (AOC)
3 – Install or update “C++ redistributable for visual studio 2015” :

Features in this version :
1 – Zooming x3
2 – Multiplayer Scenario hosting.
3 – All Known Empire Earth Scenario Pack (thanks to Neotje

NB: Zoom and scenario hosting features could be enabled/disabled by modifing dreXmod.config.

Installation :
1 – Make a backup of your empire earth folder
2 – Copy all patch files and folders to your “EMPIRE EARTH” folder, (NOT to DataM folder). confirm all files replacement.

NB: If dreXmod is succefully installed, dreXmod version is displayed in the top left corner of Empire Earth’s Main Menu screen.


1 – Zoom is activated automatically when you start a game. it operates just like a normal zoom, “IsoMetric” zoom is selected by default.

Scenario Hosting:
1 – When you host a game, a new option “scenario” appears in “Game Type” list. its operates just like a normal game load.
2 – wait for all player join before loading a scenario. if a player left the room after the scenario has been loaded, you must reload the scenario by selecting “Random” and then reselect “scenario”
3 – Players colors determine their player in the scenario: if you want be yellow in the scenario, pick yellow color. if a player choose a color not exists in scenario, no problem, the patch automatically fix it.
3 – You can start a scenario even if there are not enough players. ex: you can start 3v3 scenario with only 2 players. not assigned slots will be closed.

Fell free to report any bug. Any suggestions to improve exisiting feature or adding new one are welcome!