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Uses of Gems and Coins in clash of clan

Clash of clan is another exciting game that takes hours of yours. You can easily spend many hours of this game. It is a strategical game. It can download on IOS and Android at the same time. The player earns coins and germs after every level that increases according to his/her performance. The main currency can be bought with real money. You can add coins by giving real money and explore new things every day.

Let’s check out the use of gems and coins in the game.

Uses of Gems and Coins in clash of the clan:

Here is the different and effective use of coins, let’s have a look:

1. Builders:

You need to get the maximum range of coins and gems because they will increase your speed and also keep safe from enemies. As the player gets the boost tool, he will complete the task quickly and also save from enemies. Moreover, the coins will also help you to open new secrets in the game.

2. Jump up to the next level:

In case of facing a war, if the player is not ready or have fewer weapons or any other reason. The player can use these coins and gems to move to the next level. But for that, the player should have the required amount of gems and coins at the same time.

3. You can buy shield:

If you have a favorable amount of gems, you can buy a shield that will keep you safe from external attacks. With the help of shield, you can rescue your resources and utilized them on time. The shield is helping the player in different ways.

4. Buy other resources:

With the help of coins and gems, a player can buy a big shield, further upgrades, different skins, and tools, etc. if you are lacking gems and coins, you can buy them with real money as the game offers the different package as per player’s convenience.

Clash of clan is a strategic game in which the player has to be active and smart. The main currency of this game is coins and you can buy them with gems that are very hard to earn. Many other ways can help to increase the number of coins and gems in this game. Moreover, this game can be played easily on ios and android smartphones.

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