Call Of Duty WWII: How To Pre-Download DLC 1 “Resistance” EARLY!!! (COD WWII DLC 1)

There are four multiplayer maps coming to Call Of Duty WWII resistance DLC 1. The 3 WWII multiplayer maps are Valkyrie, Occupation, Anthropoid, and a new War map called operation intercept. Also, there is a new WWII zombies map called the darkest shore. In this video I show you how to pre download the first dlc 1 resistance early for call of duty WWII! If you guys would like to play with me during DLC resistance please let me know your psn ID down in the comments or add me mine is MrTheRevertz. Drop a like if you enjoyed and subscribe for more call of duty WWII tips and tricks, news, and more

Official Call of Duty®: WWII – The Resistance DLC Pack 1 Preview

●Call Of Duty: WWII “Resistance” Supply Drop Opening + Headquarters Showcase!

● Call Of Duty World War 2: NEW “Resistance Event” COMING – NEW DIVISION, WEAPONS, SUPPLY DROP, & MORE

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