Anonymous – PS4 Jailbroken! [2016-2017]

Dear brotha’s and hoes! It’s gettin’ leet up in this bizzitch.

PS4 Is Jailbroken. We Are Anonymous.

Legit Mediafire Download:

Anonymous – PS4 Jailbroken!:
Sony we are Anonymous, and we have hacked your Playstation 4, expect us.
Oh, and it has lots of mods and stuff on it.

Like Custom Firmware and Everything.
Really cool 1337 stuff.
And it’s like totally hacked you know?

Yea it’s crazy.
Spoofed to the most recent update.
and running anonymous firmware.
and I have an anonymous background on it.

I released the download link for the jailbreak in the description.

It’s mediafire, so you know it’s legit.
Okay, bye now…

I mean, Ahem-
We are Anonymous, We do not forgive, We do not forget…
Oh wait, what was the next part?

Ah. Oh yea! Expect Me!
No that’s not right, Expect us!
Yea that’s it!
Expect us… Nigga.

Time for me to go keep being anonymous.
Much Love, Anonymous.
By the way, My PSN is AnonyBlackGuy,
Add a brotha up, and I will be a homie.

Nigga be trippin in the PSN scene.
I mean Playstation Plus on this PS4?!
Not for me. I am Anonymous I get that on the house…
or should I say the database.


I still pay- Anonymous has to pay for stuff too.
I am not rich- I mean, we aren’t rich.
Anyway, expect the nuts in your mouth when I teabag you on ghosts…
my Nigga.

So yea, that’s pretty much it…
bye bye now.

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