Worlds Scariest Pokemon Rom Hack (Pokémon Cursed Version)

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probably the worlds worst rom hack (Pokémon Cursed Version)
Welcome to Pokemon Cursed Version, this rom hack is about Halloween and the events that take place on the night, There are 2 endings the Good & the Bad. Watch to find out each one!

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Interested in Shiny Pokemon? Check out the highlights!

SHINY PALKIA LIVE REACTION! Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire!


SHINY COBALION Live Reaction! Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire!


SHINY LATIAS LIVE REACTION! Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire!


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Graphics By Grant!

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy today’s episode! I upload daily Pokemon Content so make sure if your a HUGE fan of Pokemon Like myself hit that SUBSCRIBE button to join the channel! Thanks again!

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Hello, everyone! Today, we prepare for you something absolutely crazy! Do you like spending time with gadgets? If yes, we have some good news for you! Today we are here to make your time with gadgets even smarter and cooler. After watching this video, you’ll learn how to protect chords and wires, how to make perfect pictures on Instagram, and even how to make your own gadgets from scratch! Interesting, isn’t it? Then, let’s go and do some crafting!

Watching this video, you will learn some cool picture ideas that will boost your Instagram. For example, did you know that you can take selfies remotely without using a remote control? All you need is using your headphones. By the way, there are also many life hacks for your headphones. Do you know that you can use a plastic card to store them safely?

Another incredible idea is making a DIY projector. All you need is a box and a magnifying glass. Use your phone to make a cinema in your room – call your friends and get your popcorn and favorite snacks!

Then, come awesome phone hacks! Did you know that you can make a phone case out of a balloon! It’s especially handy when you have a new phone and yet to buy a case.


0:34 – Earphone hacks
3:00 – Picture hacks
6:58 – DIY projector
10:15 -Phone case ideas
5-Minute Crafts:


Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY:

The Bright Side of Youtube:


For more videos and articles visit:

Music by Epidemic Sound:

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