How To Jailbreak PS4 2.57 CFW – PS4 Jailbreak 2.57 with OFW

How To Jailbreak PS4 2.57 CFW – CFW 2.57 – PS4 Jailbreak 2.57 OFW To CFW – Video Tutorial

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● Steps & Instructions

How To Install The PS4 Jailbreak Software

Installing the PlayStation 4 jailbreak software is pretty easy to do but it can still hard to do to people who are new to jailbreaking a device. So here i will explain how to jailbreak your PS4.

● Step 1: Download the Jailbreak software from the homepage
● Step 2: Put the software on the root of a USB (make sure it has the FAT32 format)
● Step 3: Plug the USB in the PS4 and move to the games tab
● Step 4: Select the PS4 jailbreak file
● Step 5: Wait for the PS4 to install the software
● Step 6: Reboot the PS4 and go to the system tab
● Step 7: Make sure the right costume firmware is installed to the PS4
● Step 8: Your PS4 should now be jailbroken.

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This method is legal and FREE.

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● PlayStaion 4 Jailbreak

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● Disclaimer:

This jailbreak tutorial is for educational purposes only. I’m not fully responsible for any damage caused to your PS3 while following this guide. Those who follow the steps do so at their own risk. Do NOT use this for piracy, it’s illegal.
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