How to install CCcam Server on Ubuntu server New

Link Download File CCcam:
Hi Youtube Users

Today will look as installed a CccamOscam Server On Ubuntu Server, Linux
look steb by step

a) sudo apt-get update
b) sudo apt-get upgrade
c) reboot
1. login your Server with Putty and WinSCP
2.Upload Cccam Oscam File on /tmp/ Folder
3.Edit Right click on the you just copied & click Edit
3.1. Now open the the “cccamoscam_install_package” folder that you just copied over to the server.
Right click on the “” & click Edit
change the line:
OWNER=”your server username”
4. chmod 755 /tmp/
5. /tmp/ wait for install Pres Y
6 Reboot server
7 Login with Ip(My ip its Public)

You can check your cccam Webif page by typing your server ip & cccam webif port no. (192.168.*.*:16001) in the address bar of your browser.
Username: admin
Password: admin