Farming Simulator 19 | Money Hack – Unlimited CASH! PC (Mac – Link in Description)

Farming Simulator 19 | Money Hack – Unlimited CASH! (for MAC) ▶︎

What’s up guys! This is a short tutorial on how to get unlimited money on Farming Simulator 2019. Very simple and easy to do, just follow the instructions. It works for PC as well as Mac.

Mac users:
To locate your Farming Simulator 2019 folder:

From your desktop, on the menu bar, at the top, select Go to reveal the drop-down menu and then hold down the Option key (ALT) and you will see the Library folder appear. Select this Library folder.

From Library chose Application Support and then Farming Simulator 2019. There you should have your savegame folders.

Hope you enjoy the new game, let me know what’s your favorite feature so far. Keep farming, yo!

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Thank you all.

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