Clash of Clans 100,000 GEMS (100% Legit – NO HACK / MOD APK) 2019

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😱😱 Clash Of Clans 100,000 GEMS | 100% Legit – NO HACK / MOD APK 😱😱

Hi guys, in this video I answer the most awaited question, how you can get gems in clash of clans

if you have already been watching videos on YouTube, You’ll know that most videos just show off fake generators and waste your time.

if you have tried any of them already, let me tell you it’s fake don’t waste your time. As for modded applications and private servers, they are pointless.

Clash of clans is an online server sided game where gems can’t simply be “HACKED” so don’t even bother spending time.

All the possibilities for you to get gems and upgrade your base, train them troops is to either farm them or buy them.

In the video I go over a way you can use to buy these gems, so you won’t be switching servers or anything, you stay on the OG server, and your friends will see all changes you make to your base and get iTunes of google play codes depending upon what device you plan on.

One limitation is that they only have $50 codes, so you can’t cashout anything lower of higher, but it’s not a problem at all because it allows us to get multiple codes.

I tried to make everything clean in my video but if you still have any questions, let me know in the comments and I’ll try to help.

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